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Finding Balance
Costa Rica Sept 1-21 2023


Finding Balance is a retreat designed to fully immerse yourself into a developmental comprehensive program over the course of 21 days.

This retreat focuses on

MOVEMENT of body, mind, and spirit.

SUSTAINABILITY of thinking, living, building, and behaving.

PERMACULTURE & the fundamentals of nature’s paternal architecture.

Designed to assist in fostering personal balance.

Tickets prices include 3 traditional home-cooked meals/day

prices starting from:

$2400 until June 15


$2800 Shared Dorms/glamping tent

$3200 Private Cabin

40% discount for international service members (retired or serving) and active/inactive first responders.

We also offer weekly stays starting on the 1st of Sept. Click the link below for more info. 

What is Finding Balance?

The Equilibrium Project has been developed for those that are looking to open their minds to a new way of thinking, being, and feeling. The” Finding balance retreat” incorporates physical activities  to experience rhythm such as dance,  yoga, breath work, practices as well as the martial arts. the initial stages are packed with with all forms of movement to strengthen and observe  ourselves,  all the while cultivating more awareness of our emotional states and the limiting beliefs that prevent us from developing  the full expression of our "self".  We focus our states of being, on learning to grow, and sustain a more intimate experience of balance on a personal scale of body, mind, emotions and spirit. As we cultivate more personal balance in our lives, we grow as a whole to find balance in ourselves, our families and our communities. We also delve deeply into the principles of permaculture that we may explore these natural cycles in a large and small scale within us and in the world around us. 

Venue : Finca Morpho

The closest town and the only place with shops and ATM is Puerto Jimenez, 15km from the Farm. There’s a bar and restaurant approximately 1 / 2 km away that is open everyday.

The finca and the whole area is off-grid which means we have our own solar power system, wells and rainwater collection systems, septic tanks or composting toilets and  grey water filtration systems.

The farm is an interesting place, situated on the beach and located in the second most biodiverse place on the planet, its home to many species of animals including monkeys, parrots, dolphins, whales, sea turtles, six species of wild cats, wild pigs, ant-eaters, tapir, and more. In order to protect this special place we strive to be sustainable and respect nature. You will find rather rustic conditions that focus on a connection and protection of nature.

There is NO hot water.

There is filtered rain water for drinking water.

There are composting toilets.

There is LIMITED power, often shutting off at night time.

There can be bugs (bring natural bug spray) - those bugs can be in your room as well.

You can hear howler monkeys early in the morning.

We are a trash free community and encourage you to pack your trash before leaving.

We only allow chemical free products that include soaps, shampoos, bug sprays.

The Program

The program will differ from one day to the next. Each days activities will be geared towards the theme of the day which is based on a natural element.

(Earth day, Fire day, etc.)


On any day one can expect to have the option to participate in :


- Sunrise bhakti yoga. 

- Yoga (ashtanga,hatha) ot circuit training

- Capoeria

- Jiu Jitsu

- Calesthenics

- Dance

- Pranayama 

- Holotropic breathwork

- Emotional awareness worshops

- 1 on 1 counselling and group workshops

- Meditation

- Acroyoga

- Equestrian therapy (horse)

- Classes on ecology & permaculture

- Educational classes in ;

     .Nomadic community principles

     .The Flow state..theory and practical application.


All the while living in a intentional community setting

Meal Plan

Finding your balance involves all aspects of your life. 

-important one being FOOD. 


For this reason the food menu for this retreat is carefully selected to nourish your bodies and optimize your energy levels and support the ongoing activities and processes in this event. 


A fresh variety of Costa Rican fruits and vegetables will provide with all the nutrients needed for a healthy lifestyle. 


Classical dishes like smashed plantains, rice and beans, local stir fries, fresh salads, and smoothies, thoughtfully balanced for the experience. 


Following the themed week of the container the food menu is a functional component here, yummy without compromising your well-being.

Welcome to Finca Morpho

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