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Find Your Balance

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Finding Balance Course
Costa Rica / Guatemala
Date: TBA

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Our Spirit

We are a global community-driven project celebrating movement, sustainability, holistic wellbeing, community, and permaculture to foster personal balance and healing. 

As part of the Equilibrium Project you will be connected on this platform to join other members from all over the world. We want to create a community of like minded individuals and facilitate growth and change.  We aspire to cultivate sustainability of thinking, living, and behaving through incorporating lessons found within the permaculture system & by integrating the fundamentals of nature’s paternal architecture.

The Equilibrium Project has been developed for those that are looking to open their minds to a new way of thinking, being, and feeling. This project incorporates physical activities in rhythm and yoga, breath and the martial arts, all the while cultivating more awareness of our emotional states and the limiting beliefs that prevent us from being the full expression of our "self".  We also delve deeply into the principles of permaculture that we may explore these natural cycles in a large and small scale within us and in the world around us.

About Us

A state of physical balance. A calm state of mind.

The Equilibrium Project has been designed as an organization and beacon to help foster and facilitate the production of multifaceted international retreat/education centers, community off-grid living, veteran/first responder support, and conservational efforts. However, we are constantly expanding our scope and direction that we may learn more about ourselves, our natural world and our roles within it.

We focus our energies on learning to grow, and sustain a more intimate experience of balance on a personal scale of body, mind, emotions and spirit.

As we cultivate more personal balance in our lives, we grow as a whole to find balance in ourselves, our families and our communities.


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 At "Finding Balance Course" in addition to an entire personal transformation, you get the opportunity to learn about co-living harmoniously in the heart of the jungle. Connect deeply with the ones around you, and experience more then just a workshop, experience a whole lifestyle!

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