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Personal Transformation Program

Am I happy and satisfied of my life right now?

Are my choices so far taking me towards a goal that I have set for myself? 

What is my purpose?

Do I even have a purpose?

If you are here reading this you have probably asked these questions to yourself already.


We believe that the answer is life itself.


Questioning and re-evaluating our self is necessary for our evolution and growth as a person and as a species in our collectiveness.

Driven by these questions we have developed a practical way to bring awareness and really evaluate, from our everyday "small" choices, to the bigger, "more important" ones that set our path.

We believe first of all that we need to be healthy and centred to be able to  understand or even ask the "right" questions and we have segmented this huge notion, HEALTH in 3 main aspects, physical movement, nutrition and emotional and mental balance.

Using different disciplines, established and also some more controversial and recent, we tackle these 3 aspects of our healthy existence, with an open mind and result-based exploration.

We offer different types of consulting, tailor-made to suit your needs, from sessions online, to proper one on one physical time that can vary from a week to 6 weeks in a row, one time or periodically.



The core of our existence.

From the subtle beating of the heart to complex conscious movement necessary to perform our goals and everyday tasks.

We are made to move and all the "gadgets" that modern society has developed, limit and restrict our infinite potential. 

One of our greatest tools that distinguishes us from any other species is adaptation. But the same tool can become useless or even counterproductive and dangerous  if misused.

We learn to bring back the attention to our bodies and make everyday tasks a conscious movement practice, exploring our limits, and using this great tool at it's full potential.



Some say we are what we eat, obviously we are much more than that, but what we choose to put inside us, affects our experience and perception of ourself and the world.

We don't believe in specific and rigid diets and probably there isn't one that is best for everyone. We are unique and we can KNOW what is best for us at any moment. Always considering our "power of adaptation" we understand the capability of the body to process a variety of foods and we have observed how the body actually thrives with change and variety. Long term habits and routines have a high potential to create imbalances that create addictions also on a physical level.


Emotional & Mental work

Are our emotions influencing our thoughts or our thoughts creating our emotions?

We believe that both are true in different moments and sometimes they even feed each other in a crazy loop. 

We realized that in order to find balance and know ourself is essential to understand and use both our thoughts and emotions as tools at their true potential.

We have developed a series of techniques inspired by many great beings and put to test in our own personal life to help us harness and and free ourself from both of our feelings and thoughts that brought a whole different meaning to how we experience and navigate life. 


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