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Bamboo Course: Reciprocal roof
March 31st - April 11th
Costa Rica

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Bamboo Course: Reciprocal roof

The Equilibrium Project has been developed for those that are looking to open their minds to a new way of thinking, being, and feeling. In this bamboo course, we will incorporate physical activities  to experience rhythm such as dance,  yoga, breath work, practices as well as the martial arts while immersing yourself in the world of Bamboo. For more information about this offering, please hit the button below.

Venue : Ecomaste

The farm is located In the Southern mountains of Costa Rica in the town of Tinamaste. Sitting in a beautiful valley full of life, different attractions and Retreat Centers all with their own flavors. Farmers market every week, engaged community, and green driven people. There is something special in the air that attracts good vibes and Pura Vida. EcoMaste is inside a vibrant community of Fuente Verde that brings healing and awareness to the planet. 4x4 Only

EcoMaste is a holistic education and wellness center rooted in connection to Self and Nature. Home to a thriving food forest, wild life, permaculture and syntropic gardens. Our lodge is community oriented building authentic caring relationships with those who are interested in learning how to live in harmony with one another and Mother Earth. protection of nature.

There is hot water!

There is filtered rain water and spring for drinking water.

There are composting toilets.

Usually there is power, but it shuts off from power outage. 

There are many bugs (bring natural bug spray).

You can hear howler monkeys early in the morning.

We are a trash free community and encourage you to pack your trash before leaving.

We only allow chemical free products that include soaps, shampoos, bug sprays. 

We can provide you with natural products that are made on the farm at a cost.

The Program

The program will differ from one day to the next. Each days activities will be geared towards the theme of the day which is based on a natural element.

(Earth day, Fire day, etc.)


On any day one can expect to have the option to participate in :


- Sunrise bhakti yoga. 

- Yoga (ashtanga,hatha) ot circuit training


- Dance

- Meditation

- Educational classes taught by James Wolf, Jose Bermudez, and Samuel Marquardt. Some of the topics are:

     .Bamboo intro

     .The art of Bamboo

     .Hands-on practice 

     .Harvesting, treating, curing, drying

     .The anatomy of bamboo

     .Bamboo's ecological role in nature

     .Bamboo's diverse species and their roles in construction.

     .Bamboo design and model making

     .the do's and dont's within construction and jointery

All the while living in a intentional community setting

Meal Plan

Cultivating equilibrium involves all aspects of your life.

-important one being FOOD. 


For this reason the food menu for this retreat is carefully selected to nourish your bodies and optimize your energy levels and support the ongoing activities and processes in this event. 


A fresh variety of Costa Rican fruits and vegetables will provide with all the nutrients needed for a healthy lifestyle. 


Classical dishes like smashed plantains, rice and beans, local stir fried vegetables, fresh salads, and smoothies, thoughtfully balanced for the experience. 


Following the themed week of the container the food menu is a functional component here, yummy without compromising your well-being.

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